Dissolution of the Chamber of Commerce

This letter is to notify your organization of the upcoming dissolution of the Hill
City MN Area Chamber of Commerce. It will be up for vote during its next regular
meeting to be held at 6:30pm Dec. 17th in the Hill City Community Room.

With the pending dissolution of the Chamber, there are two key components that
need immediate attention:

  • The pavilion will need a new owner. Email the chamber if your non-profit is

interested. Hillcitymnchamber@gmail.com

  • 4th of July Celebration. This event has been organized though the Chamber

of Commerce for about 25 years. If a separate organization should step
forward, it is suggested that they act as the umbrella in which all 4th of July
activities are planned. This will allow for coordinated management of the
budget, dates, activity sites, permissions, parking, transportation and other
plans. The Chamber normally would start planning in January, so time is of
the essence. Please know that past and present members can be used as a

A special meeting was held on Dec. 3rd to gain member and community
feedback in regards to the dissolution. Please note: No votes were taken
during that meeting. See attached minutes.

Thank you!
The Hill City MN Area Chamber of Commerce Board: Jodi Gulbraa, Joell Miranda
and Tina Harcey

Hill City Minnesota Area Chamber of Commerce

The Hill City Minnesota Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes you. A Land of clear lakes and lush northern Minnesota forests, nothing can surpass Hill City area’s natural beauty. Visitors to the Hill City, Minnesota area have come for generations to enjoy a recreational haven of challenging golf, boating, fishing and a multitude of other activities, creating memories that last a lifetime. 


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